Browser Security Tool
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Browser Security Tool is a new resource and tool to inform visitors to your website hosted on a .BANK or .INSURANCE domain name (collectively “fTLD Domain”) about why and how to secure their browser. This resource and tool are specifically targeted to visitors to your fTLD Domain with web browsers not capable of using a recent version of Transport Layer Security (TLS) or without TLS support turned on.

  • fTLD has developed a one-page Guide to Browser Hygiene that fTLD Domain owners may re-brand and re-word as they see fit. This resource will help inform visitors to your fTLD Domain, in language for non-technical users, about the reasons web browser security is important, why they would want to have the benefits of TLS and what they can do to ensure they are using a recent version of TLS or have TLS support turned on in their web browser.
    Guide To Browser Hygiene
  • fTLD is providing JavaScript-based code (the “code”) to be implemented on your fTLD Domain to detect and refer visitors with vulnerable web browsers to the basic steps to configure or upgrade their web browser security. The code detects the browser, its version and its TLS capabilities (i.e., the level of TLS supported in the browser). If the visitor’s browser is old or out-of-date or has no support for TLS v1.2 or greater, the web page provides simple instructions to upgrade the browser and a dedicated link to a web page to get started with the process. The language and instructions are customized for the browser they are currently using and the version. The code works with desktop-, phone- and tablet-based browsers.

Like the one-pager, the code is intended as a starter that fTLD Domain owners may customize and display with their own branding for their specific needs. The code is being supplied “as-is” and has been tested on a large variety of browsers, both old and new.

Please complete all fields in the form below and accept fTLD’s End User License Agreement to receive an email with a confirmation link to download the code.