A .INSURANCE domain provides insurance entities an affordable, easy to implement, layer of protection from phishing and spoofing attacks that resulted in 577 data breaches and the exposure of 15.3 million sensitive records (i.e., personally identifiable information (PII)) in 2019.

A .INSURANCE domain provides insurance entities with a low-tech way for their employees, vendors and customers to visually verify their interactions are with a licensed insurance entities, not bad actors or unlicensed providers, simply by ‘Looking for the ‘.INSURANCE’’ in all email addresses and website URLs.

The .INSURANCE “Stamp of Trust” enhances insurance entities’ brands and distinguishes them in a competitive marketplace from bad actors and those at the unlicensed edges of the insurance industry.

Moving to .INSURANCE

Work with your existing web vendors, or a .INSURANCE registrar, to set up the .INSURANCE Security Requirements.

For $1,500-$2,000 a year an insurance entity of any size can benefit from the protections afforded by a verified .INSURANCE domain.

In four to six weeks an insurance entity of any size can register and launch a more secure .INSURANCE domain.