Emergency Exemptions
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In Emergency Situations (i.e., “Incident”) Registrants are exempt from the following Security Requirements: DNSSEC, Encryption/Transport Layer Security, Email Authentication, URL Redirection and those applicable to Third-Party Providers. Registrants are required to provide written notification to fTLD of Emergency Situations lasting longer than three (3) business days by the end of the third business day. To facilitate this notification process, fTLD has provided the below Incident Notification Form.

Detailed Information about the Security Requirements is accessible here.

In as much detail as possible, please provide fTLD information regarding the nature and potential impact of the Incident. Please note that any information you provide will be treated in accordance with fTLD’s Privacy Policy.

Please note fTLD reserves the right to contact you to request additional information.

What is an Incident?

An Emergency Situation defined as present or imminent events such as:

  • Incidents that threaten systemic security, stability and resiliency of Registrant infrastructure;
  • Unauthorized access to or disclosure, alteration, or destruction of Registrant data or that of its customers;
  • An occurrence with the potential to cause a failure of Registrant infrastructure.

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