Request For Proposal (RFP) To Allocate Reserved Names
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fTLD is permitted by ICANN to reserve names, which it may use for itself, allocate in the future per the mechanisms enumerated in its Name Allocation Policy or keep permanently unavailable for registration.

fTLD’s Reserved Names Challenge Policy provides a process for an eligible entity to request allocation of a Reserved Name or to challenge a Reserved Name allocation and this information is about the former. The process requires the requestor to first file a complaint (see form below) with fTLD and provide evidence to support their right(s) to the domain name and fTLD will attempt to resolve the complaint internally. If fTLD is unable to resolve the complaint, the requestor may submit a challenge to FORUM (formerly the National Arbitration Forum).

The outcome of a successful challenge either with fTLD (or FORUM) is the removal of the name from the respective Reserved Names list and potential allocation of the name by one of the mechanisms in the Name Allocation Policy. A successful challenge with fTLD does not result in the requestor being awarded the name, but rather gives them an opportunity to compete to receive it.

Reserved Names Complaint Form