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January 8, 2018

Google HSTS Pre-load News

fTLD Registry Services’ (fTLD) domains, .BANK and .INSURANCE, will become the first non-Google Top-Level Domains (TLDs) to enforce HTTPS secure encryption via the HSTS preload list. While fTLD domains have always been required to use HTTPS encryption, the HSTS preload list prevents non-compliant, insecure HTTP sites from loading at all. Google will add both TLDs to the Chrome HSTS preload list on January 18, 2018 for full rollout on March 5, 2018, ensuring that all communication and transactions with .BANK and .INSURANCE domains are secured at the highest level with HTTPS encryption.

Combining secure, HTTPS, sites with fTLD’s verification process increases customer confidence by ensuring that communication and transactions with the site are encrypted and secure, and that the organization is who it claims to be and not a malicious spoofed site meant to gather personal information for nefarious use.

We’re incredibly proud that the .BANK and .INSURANCE domains are the first non-Google, publicly available TLDs to be protected via the HSTS preload list, another way we ensure your .BANK and .INSURANCE domains are secure for your customers.