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Your customers depend on you to protect what’s most important to them, their most prized possessions – everything from their cars and homes to their family’s health and wellbeing. Implicit in your relationship is that you are also protecting their personal information. Insurance companies and producers have become treasure troves for phishers, looking to acquire personal information for use in committing identity theft and financial fraud. As a verified domain, .INSURANCE ensures that phishers and other bad actors cannot get a domain or email address like yours to impersonate you and attack your employees and customers. A .INSURANCE domain is your Online Stamp of Trust, it’s proof positive you are who you say you are.

Insurance companies and producers are moving to .INSURANCE domains to deny phishers access to their customers, and to differentiate themselves in a competitive marketplace. It’s easier than ever to make the move to .INSURANCE and a small price to pay to protect your business and customers. Grow with your marketable and secure .INSURANCE domain today.