Steps to Verifying, Registering and Using Your .INSURANCE Domain Name(s)
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  1. Verifying Organization and Domain Name Eligibility
    • Review fTLD’s eligibility criteria.
    • Use the adjacent “Select My .INSURANCE Domain” tool to confirm the availability of your preferred domain name(s).
    • Complete the adjacent Verification Application, including all desired .INSURANCE domain name(s), to be verified by fTLD.
    • fTLD will communicate with you during the verification process; your prompt attention to any requests will ensure timely verification.
  2. Registering your .INSURANCE Domain Name(s)
    • Upon completing and approving your verification, fTLD will email you a unique Registration Token.
    • Proceed to your fTLD-Approved Registrar (or select an Approved Registrar from the list) and provide your unique Registration Token to register your .INSURANCE domain name(s).
  3. Using Your .INSURANCE Domain Name(s)
    • When you’re ready to begin using your .INSURANCE domain name(s), our Implementation Hub provides all of the resources and tools your internal team and/or vendors will need to make the move. Our Third-Party Provider Program has vendors with experience performing .INSURANCE migrations, making the transition quicker and easier for your team.

For assistance with verification:

For assistance with migration: