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What if I want to register a name fTLD has reserved in .INSURANCE?

fTLD reserved names are comprised of Registry Operator Reserved Names and State Names of the United States, which are identified on the associated Reserved Names lists accessible here. If you believe your organization is eligible to register a name on one of these lists (i.e., you believe a name on fTLD’s Reserved Names list corresponds to your trademark, trade name or service mark), please see fTLD’s Reserved Names Challenge Policy accessible here, and review the Reserved Names Challenge information accessible here.

The outcome of a successful challenge to a name on fTLD’s Reserved Names list is the removal of the name from the respective Reserved Names list. A successful challenge does not result in the requestor being awarded the name, but rather gives them an opportunity to compete to receive it. fTLD will allocate the name via one or more of the allocation mechanisms listed in the Name Allocation Policy. A Reserved Name allocation will not take place until all fTLD-Approved Registrars have been provided notification of the change to the respective Reserved Names list.