Example TLS Support Page

We need your help to keep your communications with us secure!

Security and privacy are essential features of financial transactions. When your browser communicates with our bank we try to ensure that all communications is secure and private. We need your help in preserving the security and privacy of your transactions with our bank.

We try to make every transaction secure. To do this we use an Internet tool with a long name: Transport Layer Security, or, TLS for short. TLS ensures that the only computers that can read and display the data are your bes and ours. Even if someone was listening in, or capturing the transactions, they wouldn’t be able to use or even understand the data.

That’s because TLS encrypts the data as it moves between your browser and our servers. That encryption scrambles the data so that only the browser and the server can understand what is sent. Even if someone were to capture the data as it was moving between our servers and your computer, it wouldn’t be of any value to them. Only our servers and your browser has the ability to unscramble the data and make it useful.

Security and Privacy are Essential

New threats and vulnerabilities on the Internet mean that the tools that make our communication secure and private need to evolve as well. TLS is one of those tools. Over time, TLS has evolved. Technical people call TLS a ‘protocol’ and as a protocol TLS has been through three versions (1.0, 1.1 and 1.2). Click here to learn more about how TLS provides confidentiality and integrity of communications.

In order to make sure that our communications with you are private and secure, we need to ensure that your browser is capable of using one of the recent versions of TLS.

Your browser is not using one of the recent versions of TLS

There are two reasons this might be:

To make sure you are using a recent version of TLS, you might need to: